In this article, i will be talking about Online Balloons Store.  Here’s are the best online balloon stores for helium balloons and balloon delivery.


Contrary to what your mum believes, SKP is not just for microwavable containers and plastic bags.

It sells almost everything from party props to costumes and balloons.

Their balloons are the cheapest, but they don’t come inflated. You’ll need to purchase a disposable helium tank to fill them up yourself.

The only thing is that they do not have an online store and does not do balloon delivery.

You’ll need to go to any SKP outlets.

Bez Balloons

Bez Balloons has the next cheapest balloons that cost $12.90 for a pack of 100.

If you get the loose inflated ones, it’s $1.50 per piece, which is quite expensive.

It’ll be cheaper to purchase the value pack and a disposable helium tank.

All delivery is $35, but it’s waived for orders over $100 which is easy to hit if you’re throwing a party.

Bez Balloons is also the one of the few to have XL helium tanks for rental. Their largest one is $150, and can inflate 350 balloons.


MTrade is the best place for themed parties.

They’ve got a wide range of licensed character party supplies, including Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse and more.

Shoppers can choose for their balloons to be helium-inflated or deflated.

The 12” latex balloons are as cheap as $0.17 per piece if you get the 15-piece value pack, but those cannot be ordered inflated.

If you want helium-inflated ones, it’s $1.30 per 11-inch balloon.

Deflated ones are $0.30. There’s only one size for disposable helium tank sand two sizes for rentals.

Party Wholesale Centre

Party Wholesale Centre ’s 11-inch balloons are $6 for 30, which makes it $0.20. It’s got the one of the cheapest 6 L helium tank rental.

If you’re buying party balloons from Party Wholesale Centre, the helium-inflated balloons are $1.40 per piece – one of the cheapest.

That said, it’s definitely still more expensive than getting the deflated ones and renting a helium tank.


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