If you are shopping for party balloons for a party or event, it will be helpful to know what the different types of balloons are being offered in the market today.

You can buy exactly what you need for your party or marketing purposes. Balloons are one of the most effective marketing giveaways you can get.

It has a very large imprint area where your logo or message can be visible even at large distances.

Party Balloons

The most popular and common type of balloon is a party balloon.

They typically come in large packs for decorating parties and festivities. Some party balloons have fun messages printed on them.

Not only that, it is also very flexible in the sense that they can be used without helium.

Using balloon accessories is extremely popular, because you don’t need to purchase or rent helium tanks, which can save you money.

Water Balloons

Water balloons are a necessity for any water fight or party.

Similarly, it is usually smaller than party balloons and are made of a thin rubber to make them easier to break.

Foil and Mylar

Foil and Mylar are metallic in appearance and can be printed with images or messages.

It is made up of nylon sheet and tend to hold helium much better than latex or rubber balloons.

There are no doubt higher quality balloons with a metallic look and feel, and has much larger imprint areas and far longer float times.

These types of balloons are generally more expensive, but they make a fun gift or decor item for weddings and parties.


This creates a festive environment for parties, and you can send the balloons off into the sky for events.

To help the helium last longer, some helium balloons have an interior coating.


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