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Balloon decorations are ideal for brightening up a drab room. It sets the party tone for all kind of parties, not only birthday party’s for children! We have a wide variety of balloons so you can find the perfect balloon that fit your event. Our balloon decorations are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and design to accommodate any event. We want your party to be nicer. Send us an idea, then we will get the balloons for you.

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Some ways of balloon decoration can do for your party

As an eye-catching entryway decoration, build a balloon arch. Purchase a balloon arch kit to rapidly and easily create your base, or cut a long piece of wire with wire cutters to create your own. Place the foundation anywhere you like in the available room. Tie two balloons at the tails together and connect them with another pair to form a cluster. Then, tie two balloons together at the tails and join them with another pair to form a cluster. After that, tie the cluster of balloons to the balloon arch with fishing string, and begin to fill the arch with balloon clusters until it is fully sealed.

Create an eye-catching garland by attaching several balloons to a length of string. Cut a piece of string or wool to the desired length for your garland. Thread one end of the string through a yarn needle and pierce the needle through the balloon’s plastic butt. Scoot the balloon down the string and fill the garland with more balloons.

Create a bright accent by grouping several balloons together. To make circular balloon decorations, use a hand pump to inflate multiple balloons and tie them together at the top. Then, pierce 1 balloon’s tail with a zip knot. Continue penetrating the remaining balloon tails until they are all bound to the zip knot. Connect the zip tie ends and tighten as far as you can.


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