What are Balloons?

A balloon is a flexible bag that can be inflated with a gas, such as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, air. For special tasks, balloons can be filled with smoke, liquid water, granular media, or light sources.

Types of Balloons in Singapore

There are many kinds of balloons and here are some you should know

  • Normal Balloons

These balloons are use in parties and events and its mainly filled with either air or helium as you poke them with a needle it will burst with a loud “boom”.

  • Confetti Balloons

These balloons are use in weddings, roadshows and even any kinds of competitions, as the events reaches its climax. the workers will pop the confetti balloons and it will shower to all of the guests in the event.

  • Letter and Number Balloons

These kind of balloons is very ideal to use it in parties especially birthday parties as it basically shows how old the person is like a simple “Happy Birthday” as for someone will mean a lot to them.

  • Helium Balloons

These kind of balloon is common in parties because it stay floating to make pictures nice when you take photos of it. Here’s a fun fact you can actually inhale the helium to gain a high pitch voice! Do that and look at your friends reactions and laughter.

In Conclusion

Depending on what parties you are organising it is best to choose what balloons you want for parties as long as people who attended the party or event have fun and enjoyed it.

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