Facts about helium balloons

The most common thing people know about helium balloons is that it floats up and it makes your voice squeaky when you inhale the gas. But it is more than just fun and games.

Here are some of the facts:

Lighter than Air

Helium is one of the lightest and the least heavy out of all the chemical elements, thanks to the chemical stability and the extreme small size of the helium atoms.

Can be use Under The Sea

As helium is easily compress and not lethal, it can be use for for specialized breathing mixtures of gases for scuba divers, as a replacement for nitrogen that is about 75 percent of air.

Types of Balloons That Can be filled with Helium

  • Latex Balloons

Helium in latex balloons need to be filled to the correct shape and size. If it’s too small, it will cause the balloon to come down sooner than it should. Too much will cause the balloon to stretch which allows the helium to escape much faster.

  • Foil Balloons

With foil balloons you have to be very gentle when filling it. Too much will make it go ‘pop’. Since helium is affected by temperature, foil balloons need to be under-inflated to allow expansion and contraction of temperature changes.

  • Bubble Balloons

Made from plastic. Can bear with outside pressure and temperature changes. The main point to take not is that bubble balloons need to be stretched fully so that there are no wrinkles along the balloon lines. They also last a very long time, around 2 to 4 weeks.

More Information

When someone sucks in the helium gas, it can be funny but it can be dangerous. Helium can cause asphyxiation, makes you suffocate because when you breathe it in, it replaces the oxygen you need which can cause brain damage or death if too much is inhaled.

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