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balloon suppliers

From bright and fun colors that hang from streamers at a children’s birthday party to intimate romantic weddings where rose gold and white balloons float to the ceiling with long luscious ribbons touching the floor. Balloons brighten up the party. With their colorful and shiny coating, balloons do not only make the party venue look more festive, but they make the place bright and lively. Kids are full of energy when surrounded with colorful balloons.

Who are we?

We are Balloon Party Singapore! Balloon Party Singapore is a balloon suppler  that provide selling & delivering balloon party facility services at the highest standard with competitive deals and safe payments.  We supplies customers with various type of balloons on every different events or parties.We also cater on selling single product or even give supplying the demand on shop to our clients.

As a balloon seller in Singapore, we offer a wide range of balloon that comes in various materials, shapes, sizes and designs in an affordable price! In the next paragraph, we stated all the different categories Balloon Party Singapore have to offer everyone.

Types of balloon supplies

Balloon Party Singapore do provides a wide range and variety of balloons series such as

  • Animation Series
  • Food Series
  • Fruit Series
  • Love Series
  • Unicorn Series
  • Cartoon Series
  • Round Foil Series
  • Walking Animal Series
  • Animal Series
  • New Year Series
  • LED Balloon Series
  • Birthday Series
  • Marriage Series
  • Alcohol Series
  • Christmas Series
  • Headband Series
  • Star Series
  • 4D Balloon Series
  • Baby Series
  • Graduation Series
  • Vehicle Series
  • Stuff Toy Series
  • Doll Series
  • Alphabet Series
  • Number Series

In need of Balloons?

Are u currently in need of balloons or planning to host a balloon party but are still looking for a balloon supplier?

Well, lucky you because Balloon Party Singapore is currently having a 25% off promotion for all of the balloons! What are you waiting for Get it now!!
Do check out our Instagram @balloonpartysg to keep up with our latest updates every time i post.



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