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No matter the occasion, Balloon Party has something for you. From latex, Mylar and foil balloons to round, twisting, and shaped balloons, our selection is second to none. We have a collection of officially licensed and branded balloons from Disney, Marvel, professional sports leagues, and much more. Most of our balloons can be filled with air or helium, and we even offer self-sealing air-fill balloons.

What We Sell on Balloon Party Website

  • Latex Balloons

Balloons made of latex are more affordable than other types. If you have an event that requires a large number of balloons, you will be able to pay lesser than any other types of balloons. These wholesale latex balloons can be filled with air, or helium to make them float. To extend the float time of your balloons for up to a week, consider using the Hi-Float treatment which can be found in our Accessories category.

  • Mylar & Foil Balloons

Doing a Birthday Party, you can’t go wrong with Mylar & Foil Balloons. The materials are used for making the same balloon. Shiny helium balloons have a plastic layer known as Mylar. They are also coated with a thin layer of aluminum, which is the foil. They are   just simply different components of the same balloon. Mylar and foil balloons are an excellent choice.

  • Holiday Balloons

A time when family and friends get together for great food, fun, and conversation. These balloons come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of the more popular holiday balloon choices include a round ghost face, bright orange jack-o-lantern, bat, or spider-shaped balloon.

  • Licensed Balloons

Licensed balloons means the balloons are legally part of a corporation or brand. For example, Dora the Explorer balloons, Disney balloons, Batman balloons, etc. All of our officially licensed and branded balloons are high quality and and are affordable.

  • Air-Filled Balloons

Air-filled balloons have their own advantages over helium but all types of balloons can be filled with air. All the air-filled balloons that we offer are affordable and of the highest quality.

  • Accessories

Although our products are already affordably priced, the balloon accessories give you a more definite bang for your buck. Browse our balloon accessories and other products today.

More Information

Visit our website for more party balloons here. Do check out our Instagram @balloonpartysg to keep up with our latest post whenever we post!

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