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Party Balloon Singapore offers wide variety of balloons with high quality, best offers with Local delivery and secure payments.

Balloons we provide

Letters and number balloons :

These kind of balloons is very ideal to use it in parties especially birthday parties as it basically shows how old the person is and a simple “Happy Birthday” for someone will mean a lot to them.

Love Balloons:

These balloons are commonly use on proposals at the beach or somewhere else very romantic, or on wedding occasions.

Graduation Balloons:

These balloons are mostly use on graduation parties where by they make a preparation in the hall and put up many balloon as they can and the party commence to celebrate their graduation.

Printed balloons:

These balloons are usually for kids to play with as they can be interactable as well. The balloons the stores usually print is “Angry birds”,”Frozen” and many more!

Confetti Balloons :

These balloon are mainly used on main events like roadshows and game events, when the event reaches its climax or its end the crew will pop the balloons and confetti will shower on the guests.

Ongoing promotions

Party Balloon Singapore now has a ongoing promotion of 25% off for all balloons! Best to get it now while stocks last!

Fun things to do with Balloons

Here are some things you can do with balloons, You can fill it up with water and put in the bucket and throw it at your friends for a water balloon war! Or you could twist and twirl the balloons to make an animal like a dog, cat or even a rabbit and many more, you could even make the things you like to a balloon version like a balloon sword and many others.


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