Party Balloon Introduction

A party wouldn’t be a party without balloons. Party Balloon Singapore is here for you. Despite their fanciful nature, choosing the right one for your party can be challenging, especially if you are working on a tight budget.

In this article, we discuss the most important things you should consider when shopping for balloons and balloons accessories.

Types of Balloons


Latex balloons are the golden standard of party balloons. They can be made from rubber, latex, or nylon fabric. These are elastic and are designed to take up air and expand up to 5 times more than its normal size.

Regular latex balloons are not to be mistaken with helium latex balloons. However, normal latex balloons can still tolerate helium, they won’t last as long as helium balloons.

We recommend using regular latex balloons for your standard party needs.

Helium Latex

They are specifically designed for helium inflation. The best part is that they have a longer inflation time compared to regular balloons. This is because the material is made to prevent the helium from escaping the balloon.


Foil balloons last longer than both latex and helium latex balloons. When inflated, foil balloons can last an entire week to two weeks.

On the other hand, foil balloons are less elastic, meaning they are more vulnerable to heat damage and are likely to be exposed to hot temperatures.

Like latex balloons, those made from foil can also be blown up with a helium tank.

What to consider when getting a balloon

Finding exactly what you need can be confusing because of the many choices for balloons and balloon accessories.

So before shopping for your party needs, remember the following things that will help you understand which is the right item to pick.

Sizes and shape

Do you need something that you can shape into different animals or something on precise form?

Note that latex balloons are malleable, elastic and sturdy. On the other hand, foil balloons usually come up with fixed shapes and sizes.

Quantity and Cost

Are you going to inflate the balloons with helium or regular air? Will you be using latex or helium balloons? Latex balloons are generally cheaper than foil balloons.

However, foil balloons may turn out to be more efficient considering they last longer than latex balloons.


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