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Party Balloon Singapore is a balloon supplier that provides any balloons you need, we provide local delivery services, high quality balloons and secure payment.

Types of balloons

There are many kind of balloons for example the letter balloons those are mainly used for parties, weddings or even graduation.

  • Foiled Balloons

These kind of balloons are usually for kids to play as it is filled with helium and it has pictures printed on it like Angry birds, Mickey Mouse, The Incredibles and many more.

Foiled balloons can be interacted with as well as you can wrap it like a watch around your wrists.

  • Decorations Balloons

These balloons are commonly used for events like weddings, graduation parties and birthday parties it can also be used in certain business events like roadshows and such.

There are balloons filled with confetti inside and when the event reaches, the balloons will pop and confetti will shower over the guests.

  • Love Balloons

These balloons are usually use for proposal for weddings or events like inviting someone to prom, Anniversary and more.

  • Fun ways to use the Balloons

If you happen to have a big or small party and cant think of a exciting thing to do and you have balloons around that is filled with helium.

You can inhale the helium to have a higher pitch of your voice to see and hear the reactions of your friends.

Or if you have a balloon that can be twisted or twirl you can make it to a shape of an animal for instance a dog or even a rabbit.

Because with that type of balloons you can even make a balloon sword and make it a balloon sword war!


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