Latex balloon

What is Latex Balloon?

Whether you consider buying bulk from a single balloon or from latex balloons, the content is similar. Latex balloons are a liquid rubber obtained from trees deep within rain forests, rubber-made balloons are completely biodegradable, meaning they decompose over time. Bear in mind that certain may have allergies to latex so you can find latex-free rubber balloons for your scenario, just in case. These rubber balloons are distributed in a broad variety of shades, sizes, and forms. A good benefit is that such balloons are inflated by both air and helium. Obviously, when packed with oxygen, the balloons can climb while those loaded with air won’t.


These latex balloons are fun and joyful but they’re the leading cause of shock deaths in U.S. children. Nearly 40 percent of all toy-related shock fatalities between 2001 and 2014 resulted in balloons. Children under the age of 6 were involved in most of the balloon accidents, but the dangers of chewing or sucking on balloons should be warned even to older children.

Prevention is the best way to keep a child that could get strangled on a balloon. This is not recommended for children younger than 8 years to use latex balloons. If the balloon explodes, the pieces are easily collected and disposed of beyond the reach of children. Shiny foil balloons, also known as Mylar balloons, could be a better option but adult supervision is required for either form of balloon.


Avoid getting the balloons exposed to extreme temperatures – heat or cold. Storing your balloons at Moderate/Room temperatures will give them the longest possible life. Uninflated latex balloons can last for several years, when properly stored, before the quality is affected.

Planning to Reuse?

Reusing balloons. Sure, you can save them inflated, but over time they will shrink. In a matter of days (or weeks if treated with something like Hi-Float) it will shrink markedly. Foil balloons are going to last weeks to months but they’re going to deflate too.

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