Helium balloons

Helium balloons are definitely something not to be missed out on for every party or special event.

What is Helium?

It’s a gas used to inflate blimps, scientific balloons and party balloons. It is much lighter than air making them climb far faster than their surface counterparts. This can contribute to far more enjoyable parties, particularly for children or when planning specific party activities like weddings.

What is the Difference?

The main difference? Helium balloons are more fun and better to look at!
If you’re looking for multiple balloons, for example, a balloon stand, get air instead of helium. If you’re looking for something to spruce up the events’ deco? Opt for helium instead.

While both types of balloons can be personalized to have the same kinds of written notes, or graphics and designs, the distinction between helium and air balloons can be said here. In comparison to air-filled balloons, helium-filled Mylar and foil balloons can come in several various, special and unusual shapes and sizes that air balloons can not.

Lastly, at the end of the night or the party; what can you do with so many balloons? Untie them and mess around with high pitched voices from helium!

Price Point

Helium will always be more costly than opting for Air. The price aspect for it, is necessary to remember that it is much more difficult to manage than balloons filled with air. If you plan to use these balloons for a longer period of time, helium might be a much better investment than air-filled balloons

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