Balloons, a large airtight bag filled with hot air or a lighter-than-air gas, such as helium or hydrogen, to provide buoyancy so that it will rise and float in the atmosphere.

Transporting have a basket or container hung below for passengers or cargo.

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Each year millions of children host and attend birthday parties. With a birthday party there is cake, ice cream, games, presents, and, of course, balloons.

Whether you are hosting a birthday party or a water fight, you will need the right type for the job.

Party Balloons

The most popular and common type is a party balloon. These are made of latex and are round.

They typically come in large packs for decorating parties and festivities. Some party balloons have fun messages printed on them.


The next common type is of course the latex balloons.

These are inflate to an oval shape, are made of recyclable latex, and can be easily customized your artwork design.

They are usually available in size range from 9 inches to 18 inches.

The most common and popular size is the 11” personalized latex, followed by the 9” ones.

In general, latex take helium well – usually lasting anywhere from 10 hours to 14 hours of float time.

Mylar and Foil

Mylar are more expensive than latex, but there are some very good reasons why.

They are no doubt higher quality with a metallic look and feel, and has much larger imprint areas and far longer float times.

Nothing grabs more attention than a cute, bright, shiny floating Mylar balloon.


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