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Party Balloon Singapore is a supplier company that supplies balloons with best quality and offers!

Recommended Balloons for parties

We provide variety types of balloons here are some recommendation that you should get for parties :

  • Confetti Balloons

The Confetti Balloon is most commonly use for roadshows and  many major events.

At the end of the event, the crew will pop the confetti balloons and the confetti will shower to all of the guests for a celebration.

  • Graduation Balloons

These balloons are only used for graduation parties where by they make a preparation in the hall and put up many balloons as they can and the may commence the graduation.

  • Letter and Number Balloons

These kind of balloons is very ideal to use it in birthday parties as it basically shows how old the person is like a simple “Happy Birthday” as for someone will mean a lot to them.

  • Pastel Pearl Balloons

There are a summery selection of ‘pastel’ colours such as light blue, lavender and mint green. These colours look gorgeous when using together and complement the current vintage flower trend.

  • Helium Balloons

These types is common in parties because it stay floating to make pictures nice when you take photos of it. Here’s a fun fact you can actually inhale the helium to gain a high pitch voice! Do that and look at your friends reactions and laughter.

In Conclusion

Depending on what parties you are organising it is best to choose the perfect one for party to make the it more lively and fun!


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