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About Balloon Supplier Singapore

Balloon Party Singapore is a balloon supplier that provides all the balloons you need. We ensure quick delivery, high-quality balloons, and safe & secure payment.

Balloons we provide at Balloon Party

Love Series Balloons:

These balloons are for proposals, valentines, anniversaries, and for surprising your special someone.

Balloon supplier

We supply Confetti Balloons:

These balloons are ideal when it comes to events like roadshows and major events when it reaches the climax of the event or the end of the event. The crew will pop the balloons & confetti will shower on all of the guests for a celebration.

balloon supplier

We supply Printed Balloons:

Printed balloons are usually a go-to for kids as it is filled with helium and it is usually printed with their favorite characters.

Winnie The Pooh BalloonCars BalloonMinion BalloonFrozen Balloon

We supply Graduation Balloons:

These types of balloons are used in graduation parties which they can customize as many balloons however they want to make them feel special! Not only that these balloons can also be used as a decoration to enhance the overall atmosphere!

Balloon Supplier

We supply Alphabets & Numbers’ balloons:

These balloons are ideals for parties especially on their 18th or 21st birthday parties and to make them feel even more special, they can customize the letters themselves by the name of the person or the theme of the party.

Alphabet BalloonsNumber Balloons

Fun things to do when you buy Balloons

You can actually fill them up with water and put them in the bucket and throw it at your friends for a water balloon battle or you can twist and twirl the balloons to make them into shapes and animals or a balloon bracelet!


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