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  • A wide range of kids and adult costumes: You can select up to 200 costumes that are up for grabs.
  • Cool gift items for the children and adults: Find useful gifts like a growth chart, romper for infants, cardboard games, and ice cream maker for kids.
  • Special Offer during certain occasions: Party With Us does a special promotion such as Mother’s Day. You can buy a balloon bouquet to express yourself. What makes this work and unique is the option to customize the bouquet yourself.
  • Discounts Promos for Fun Members: Spend $300 within three months with Balloon Party and you will be entitled to receive a 10% discount on your purchases.

The Balloon Stuff

  • Vast selection of party themes for toddlers and kids: There are thousands of themed party items under hundreds of categories. It is perfect for customers who find it hard to think of a theme for their little one.
  • Special Balloon will make your party extraordinary: Party Stuff is sure to bring some sparkle to your party with its balloon pairing, decoration, and LED Light balloons.
  • Friendly Discounts: Get in the loyalty program and you will be entitled to receive discounts.

Party related

Kidz Party Store

  • Birthday party balloon packages: There are three packages to select from, with package 3 for $169. It comes with a balloon bouquet in a selected theme, 2 sets of entrance bouquets, 50 pieces of helium inflated latex balloons, a customized photo banner, and delivery.
  • Toys and souvenirs for party favors: If giving out bags or treat boxes has become common for you, consider toys, souvenirs, puzzles as a thank-you-gift item for your guests.

At Party Balloon Singapore, we supply our designated balloons to our clients. If you are intending to buy any balloons, contact us and we will provide our services for you

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If you have any questions about party balloons, feel free to drop a message. You can also visit us on our website or Shopee.

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