Balloon Arch
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Are you looking for some fresh inspiration for ways to decorate your room? We know how to spice up your balloon game! Do it effortlessly with the cheerful balls of air, i.e. balloons. Balloons are synonymous with fun and happiness. Besides, they have always been a significant part of decorations for aeons and never seem to go out of fashion. Since they come in all shapes, sizes, designs and colours, you can brighten up any space or corner of your room and build up a relaxed & inviting atmosphere. So, without any further ado, know how to decorate your room with balloons and make your heart ‘inflate’ with happiness.

Balloon Arch

Half branched or full twisted strand – a balloon arch could be a beautiful balloon game addition to your room. This design is pretty easy to make and will look no less than a stately & epic backdrop. Just get a packet of balloons in contrasting colors and fasten them together on a wire, creating a nice spiral pattern. Remember to tie the balloons tightly together. The balloon arch is perfect for almost every party decoration.

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Glowing Balloons

When deciding upon decorations, the role of lighting cannot be ignored it gives fresh idea to balloon game. The idea is perfect especially when the lighting of your room is dim or dark. Light up your casa with the glowing balloons. All you need to do is fill the balloons with glowing sticks or LED lights and spread all the shine & sparkle. These can be used to decorate any corner. You can also get helium balloons, decorate them with LED lights and attach them to your ceiling with a long string. This will give the appearance of a starlit canopy!

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