Looking for Balloons for parties?

Balloon Party is just for you

What is Balloon party?

Balloon party basically sells balloons for people who is in need of it in parties whether you need a wholesome of party balloons.

Either way, it is just a small amount of balloons for a small birthday celebration.

What is usually stalled in the party balloons?

Helium is usually stalled in the balloons so that it can float in the air, usually it lasts for 12 to 20 hours.

Fun fact: you can inhale helium to change your pitch!

But it is recommended not to inhale helium constantly as it could potentially kill you, the cause of it is you will have lack of oxygen as you inhale helium.

Fun things to do with the balloons

You can fill it with water to create a water balloon bomb and throw it to your friends!

You can also blow the balloon. However, as you blow finish don’t tie it up and just release the air to make a funny sound. After that, you will also twist or tie the balloon around to make an animal for instance a car or a dog.

Types of balloons

There are many kinds of balloons, for instance,

Stance picture balloons like Angry birds and many more these kinds of balloons the process is simple as you just find a picture online and print it on a balloon. After that, you have a picture balloon!

Another type of balloons is letters & numbers balloons those balloons are really basic as it’s commonly used for birthday parties or anniversaries.

These balloons uses helium to keep it floating as they take pictures wont get in the way.

In conclusion, the transparent balloons are usually filled with confetti or fairy lights inside so as the balloon shakes the confetti will scatter within the balloon and the fairy lights will simply glow in the dark.

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