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Here, Balloon Supplier has just what’s in store for you!

We have a wide selection of latex and Mylar balloons. For Latex, we have them in solid and pearl color as well as printed ones and they come in different sizes.

For Mylar balloons, we have solid color, holographic and printed designs and we have a variety of sizes and shapes. In addition, we have Sing-a-tune and Airwalkers balloon too.

Types of Balloons

  • Party Balloons

The most popular and common type is the party balloon. These Balloons are made of latex and are round.

They come in large packs for decorating parties and festivities. Some party balloons have fun messages printed on them.

  • Water Balloons

They are only required for water fight or party. They are smaller compared to party balloons and are made of a thin rubber to make them easier to break.

  • Foil and Mylar Balloons

These two balloons are made up of metallic appearance and can be printed with images or messages. Foil are usually made of nylon sheet and tend to hold helium much better than latex or rubber balloons.

Mylar are made of a type of polyester film. These types of balloons are generally more expensive, but they make a fun gift or decor item for weddings and parties.

  • Helium Balloons

When rubber balloons are filled with helium, they will float.

In conclusion, this creates a festive environment for parties, and you can send the balloons off into the sky for events. To help the helium last longer, some can have an interior coating.

If you are intend to buy any types of a balloons in Singapore, contact us for more information and we will provide good supplies and reasonable price for you!

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If you have any questions about those balloons, feel free to call us or send an Email.

Our Website: https://balloonparty.sg/

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