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Balloon Party Supplier, BalloonParty, A local company in Singapore that sells different kinds of balloons. To keep our balloons related to your needs we have done different analytics from events and others etc. Our helium balloons are suited in any festivals or parties, with delivery in Singapore. Choose from a wide variety of balloon designs, size, shape, and colors, in our Catalog pages.

About Us

BalloonParty Singapore is a Balloon Supplier company providing balloons as well as providing the best quality, best offers, and secure payments for balloon party services. Group Balloon Singapore is now getting a 25 percent off sale on both balloons! You’re waiting for what? Come on now!!

What are we providing?

Balloon Supplier Singapore has a large range of latex balloons and Mylar balloons. For Latex, we have them as well as printed versions in strong or pearl color, and they also come in various sizes. We have a solid color, holographic printed with designs and we have a variety of shapes and sizes. We do have a parachute for Sing-a-tune and Air-walkers, too.

Types of Balloons that We sell

  • Letters (E.g. A, B, C, D…., Z)
  • Themed (E.g. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine)
  • Character (E.g. Hello kitty)
  • Graduations
  • Numbers (E.g. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,….., 9)
  • Cartoon

Services that we Provide

  1. Planning ideas for your party, View a wide range of party supplies in stock. Browse our wide collection of party stuff from balloon designs, size, shape, and colors,  party supplies for Birthday party to Graduation party, we offer the solution and supplies to all your party needs. Buy immediately without the need to wait for delivery.
  2. Party Decoration. Need help with decorating your event or party venue in Singapore? We sell packages at reasonable and affordable prices. Be it a festival, Events, wedding, birthday party, baby shower to graduation we have a huge variety of balloons.
  3. BalloonParty purchase in bulk and pass the savings along to you with discounts up to 65% off normal pricing.  That means affordable prices on all our licensed Mylar and Foil balloons, helium party balloons and party supplies.
  4. All ordering is done online which saves can your money. We strive to reduce the prices to minimum so that we can still strive for excellence in customer service. In BalloonParty, we try to answer all your e-mail and we hope to hear your feedback.  Your feedback can help us understand your needs, so please e-mail us and we will respond quickly within 7 days a week.

Fun Fact

Bored and ran out of ideas to do at a party? Why not Fill up your balloons with water and throw it at your friends to make them soaked with water! If you happen to have a helium balloon try inhale it to have a higher pitch voice and look at your friend’s reactions with laughter!

Contact Us

Please do hesitate to email us with your questions, comments or requests.  An E-mail will be answered during business hours in weekdays. You can also visit our website here, to know more.

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Balloon Party Singapore

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