What is Latex Balloons?

Latex and foil balloons are the two most popular materials here in Singapore and every other countries, each are beneficial for different purposes. We hope the points below can help you choose the perfect type of balloons for your next event.

Pros of Latex

  • If you’re planning an event which requires a whole lot of balloons, I would opt for latex purely due to them being cheaper than foil balloons and are much easier to bulk-buy.
  • Latex is very versatile and can therefore be filled with helium, air or even water.
  • They are biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • They can be released into the open, for event purposes, as they are biodegradable.
  • When it cones to latex balloons, the sky is literally the limit! They are available in any color you can think of and the versatile material also makes them super stretchy so can be tied to make balloon animals and sculptures.
  • They are lightweight and can be easily transported

Cons of Latex

  • They deflate faster than foil balloons due to porous latex membrane. They are fine for 1 day events but if you’ll be needing balloons for longer than this, we do recommend our foil balloon collection.
  • Balloons need to be inflated just before an event or party to save on deflation time resulting in a shorter prep time.
  • They can pose a major choking risk for children if the balloon is not yet inflated or has deflated

Pros of Foil

  • Foil balloons have a much longer inflation life. They can last up to five days making them great for 1+ day events and are often used for branding purposes.
  • They come in various shapes.
  • Foil balloons are often sent as gifts in a box, they are great as a little surprise for a loved one.
  • They are extremely popular with photographers and artists due to the mirror-like qualities

Cons of Foil

  • They do not offer the same biodegradable features as latex meaning they cannot be released into the open. Electrical installations can be dangerous if released.
  • It is more expensive than latex balloons therefore large displays are prohibitive in cost terms.
  • Foil balloons are less versatile and can not be reshaped or made into sculptures.
  • Due to the material, Mylar, there is no practical recycling method for foil balloons

More Information

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