Natural latex balloons may be biodegradable, but after adding all those chemicals, plasticizers and other stuffs, are they “biodegradable”?

What Happens to the Environment?

When a balloon pops, it bursts into many tiny pieces, that lands far away from each other. A balloon enthusiast said that latex balloons take the same amount of time to decay as an oak leaf. Oak leaves are durable and take about four years to decay. Meaning anything could happen to those tiny balloon pieces. Many animals mistake these balloon pieces as food causing intestinal blockage and death.

The balloon business make profits from selling balloons disregarding the impacts of these balloons on and the animals and the environment.

Balloon Pollution

It has been growing and this problem needs to be spoken out immediately. Releasing balloons in simply just littering.

Instead of Balloon Releases

  • Blow Bubbles!
  • Flags, banners, streamers, & dancing inflatables – Many businesses are realizing the benefits of using reusable eye-catching signage.
  • Kites & garden spinners – Vibrant fabric that dance in the high winds or eye-catching colors spinning in the garden.
  • Tissue Paper Pompoms – For some color burst at parties or celebrations tissue paper pompoms are spectacular! They are also fun activities for kids to make too!
  • Drumming
  • Plant in remembrance – A great way to honor and remember a loved one or an important issue is to bring more life to our planet. By planting a native tree, flower garden or butterfly garden you are not only giving life to that plant you are also providing shelter, resources, and clean air to all kinds of wildlife and people.
  • Donate – Donate books to a local library, food to a local food bank, or pet food to a local animal shelter to celebrate your group’s achievement or to honor a loved one.

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