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Balloon Suppliers

These are the 5 websites that you can check out.

All those 5 websites have things in common, which is they sell balloons, but their websites have different navigations. The layout, the design is different, so based on preference, click on the website that you prefer or like.

Those websites each have Balloon Themes, Ballooon Accessories, Events, and Customised/Personalised Balloons. Do look through those websites that I have stated, it will be a good use of info.

Types of Balloons

There are 3 types of balloons.

  • Latex Balloons. The most common type of balloon.
  • Mylar or Foil Balloons. Mylar balloons are more expensive than latex balloons, but there are good reasons why. It’s a higher quality balloons with a metallic look and feel, and has much larger imprint areas and floats longer.
  • Cloudbuster Balloons  is also often also referred to as chloroprene balloons. They are made of super high quality latex that makes it  repels the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and is up to 10 times stronger than regular latex balloons. If the size is bigger the longer it will float, sometimes it reaches up to 3 weeks.

Fun Facts To Do

  • You can fill up the balloons with clay or play-dough then just mold it.
  • You can fill the balloon with water, then put paint on it and then just paint it on a canvas.
  • You can make balloon bracelets by tying it with a piece of thin elastic to create a colourful bracelet.
  • Make frozen eggs. Stuff a small toy into a balloon, fill with water and food colouring if you want coloured eggs, and freeze it. Then pull the balloon out of the frozen egg, and just smash the ice to get the toy.

Having Fun? Interested?

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