Celebrating an important occasion with your loved ones are the best memories that someone can get. Nothing can beat that. Celebrate with personally customised balloons by you and complete it with a short appreciation message or anything you want for that matter and gift it.

Why are Customizable Clear Balloons Popular

Customization of Message

With these types of balloons, it makes the stickers stick easily as these balloons are suitable for small-scale cosy family party, birthday celebrations, weddings and even larger-scale events like corporate events. But base on the humidity in Singapore, the stickers will not last that long after printing and it will appear one day later.

Stuffing of Feathers into The Balloon

The balloon is really functional in that it allows the stuffing of feathers and it helps to hold up the feathers allowing it to float, and only if the feathers fall within 10g.

Stuffing of Mini Balloon into the Bubble Balloon

Clear Bubble balloons are completely see-through. However, these items are stuffed and makes it into a whole new look and you can customised it with a colour theme.

Fairy Lights or LED Lights wrapped around Bubble Balloon

Having a fairy lights that wraps around the balloon makes it more unique and colourful. However, the lights only comes with three colours, white, yellow and mix colours. You can use the fairy lights at any time of occasion you want. We would recommend you to get yellow lights for proposal or weddings, white lights for corporate events and mix colours are for kids parties.

Bubble Balloon can be tied with tassel or ribbon like a present

Complete the look by pairing it with tassels and ribbons. It transforms your ballon to a designer balloon with your customised message. It makes your gift one-of-a-kind and different.

More Information

It is a huge favourite among customers and it is completely customizable. Click here to find out about us and click here to know more about the article.


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