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About Us

Party Balloon Singapore is a Balloon Supplier company that supplies balloons for people who is looking for balloons in events.

What we provide

We provide the best quality and offers for balloons and here are the types of balloons you can consider!

Love Balloons

These are use for proposal for weddings or events like inviting someone to prom, anniversary and many more.

Normal Balloons

These are available that can be filled with plain air, which could not fly or float in the air. Although, it can be use for different designs and figures. It is also available almost everywhere even balloon supplier

Not only that, they are available in different colours, shapes and sizes that are commonly used except their application as a decoration item.

Helium filled balloons

It is a very popular choice among several types of balloons in the market, both as a decorating material as well as a play item for kids.

Metallic Balloons

This is another type of balloons that is reflective and glossy and is capable of adding a stylish and chic appearance to any event.

Printed Balloons

These Balloons can be printed with any pictures you like, for instance Iron man, Thor, Angry birds and many more ideally for kids to play with as well.

Fun Fact

Bored and ran out of ideas to do in a party? Why not Fill up your balloons with water and throw it at your friends to make them soaked with water! If you happen to have a helium balloon try inhale it to have a higher pitch voice and look at your friends reactions with laughter!

In Conclusion

It depends on what balloons you are looking for, we have many variety of balloons you might find it interesting. Be it weddings or graduations any balloons is fine as long it looks great in the party to make it more lively and fun!


If you are interested the balloons, feel free to contact us here!

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