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Party Balloon Singapore is a balloon supplier that provides any balloons you need. Not only that, as well as party supplies. We provide delivery services, high quality balloons and security payment.

Balloons that we provide

Confetti Balloons

These balloons are ideally use on events like roadshows or major events when it reaches to the climax of the event or at the end of the event.

The crew will pop out the confetti balloons and confetti will shower on all of the guests for celebration.

Air Filled Balloons

Different varieties of party balloons are available that can be filled with plain air, which could not fly or float in the air. But, it can be used to create different designs.

These are available in different colors, shapes and sizes that are commonly used.

Helium Filled Balloons

Its a popular choice among the others available in the market. Similarly, it is a decorating material as well as play item for kids.

Foil Balloons

There is another variety type of balloons that can be used for perfect blend to the theme to your party as well. Character foil balloons are used extensively to plan and decorate a themed party, where kids also like such cartoon characters and other figures.

Metallic Balloons

The balloon that is reflective and glossy and is capable of adding a stylish and chic appearance to any event.

Party Supplies we provide


Invitations are very important part of the party planning process.

Be sure to send out your party invites in advance so your party guests can save the date.

Your invitations should include the party’s date, time, location as well as a way to RSVP.


Whether your guests are spending time celebrating inside, at your home or party venue, or outside, in your backyard or at a park, decorations are an important component.

Adding creations to your own party area will help transform it while conveying the theme of the party.


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