Where do balloons come from, do you know what their origin is?

We all know about balloons. We use them during celebrations on birthdays, weddings, events, and parties.

You probably think that it is easy to set up balloons by just blowing them. But have you ever wondered what is the origin of balloons. Who had the idea of inventing this contraption in the first place and which year did they start creating one.

I will be talking about the balloon’s history to let you all understand its origins.

It was first started by the Montgolfier brothers who created a prototype balloon to test it for flight. For their experiment to work well, they had to do a field test, but before they confirm that it was safe for humans to use. They used animals as test subjects to use them as a passenger for their flight trial. After sending animals for three trial runs for them to conclude the result of their flight balloon invention.

They succeed in their mission as the attitude did not kill the animals. This confirms their theory that is safe to use to carry humans as part of flight transportation.

During the 1790s the first-ever hydrogen-filled gas balloon has been created and 100 years later France launched the first hydrogen-filled weather balloon.

The origin of rubber balloons was first made by Michael Faraday during his time in 1824.

Other than talking about the history of how the first balloon was created. Over the years balloons have evolved into a variety of different balloons which come in many shapes and sizes. There are various balloons ranging from hot air balloons- Modeling balloons.

Another way of using it for fun activities would be water balloons.

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