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Party balloon suppliers in local provide different services, mainly supplying the product for large events and parties that are well plan and organize. due to the balloon, itself have its own expire timing after inflation. We recommend our client to have a good plan schedule provided to us, hence we could provide them the right amount and at the right timing to do the inflation.

Our services commonly provide party balloon to the birthday party organize, hence we would need to ensure the quality of balloon when they are in stock. Checking the quality of a balloon to make sure it won’t explode during the inflation of helium, this ensures our quality with service for our customers and partners.

Balloon party Singapore, we are a local company that provides different kinds of balloons. To keep our balloons related to your needs we have done different analytics from events and others etc. Our helium balloons to suit any occasion, with delivery in Singapore. Choose from a wide variety of balloon designs, in our product pages.

Our Balloons

  • Graduation Balloons
  • 18″ Heart / Star Balloons
  • Birthday Balloons
  • Letters & Numbers
  • Love Balloon
  • Toy Balloons

Decoupage-designed helium balloons

To decoupage the design of the balloons, you only need simple and affordable materials like tissue papers, colored papers, and ribbons. When you choose to have helium birthday party balloons, keep in mind that the latex balloons inflated with helium can last from 12 to 20 hours depending on the room temperature and environment. Helium can also be used to inflate rubber and foil balloons. There are also inflatable balloons that do not require helium.

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If you are interested in more of our product that is not shown in the product page, do contact us with the need and event. We will customize planning for you to give your event a better experience.

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Balloon Party Singapore

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