Information on Balloons

There are 3 main types of balloons and their information

Latex Balloon

The most common balloons we think of when we say the word balloon! It is most commonly used for parties or events!

Mylar Balloons 

Mylar balloons are much more expensive compared to latex. They are imprinted with designs and it is popular among kids as they have their favorite character printed on the balloons.

Cloudbuster Balloons

These balloons good to use in events that last for weeks. They are made out of super high-quality latex compared to other balloons. The largest size a cloudbuster can go to is 240cm. More information about the balloons on our website.

What are they use for?

These balloons are ideal for events such as celebrations, parties, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and many more! It helps to enhance the overall ambiance of the party and can use as a gift as well! An example could be a balloon bouquet.

Balloon Bouquet

Where to get them?

At Balloon Party Singapore, we are a supplier that provides a range of balloons that cater to your desired theme. From latex to mylar, any customization! We also provide bundle series for you in case you are unsure of what to get! For more information about the balloons, visit us here!

Fun facts about balloons

Did you know that balloons can repel the sun’s ultraviolet rays? This is to prevent the balloons from bursting after pumping air into them.

What are the other services we provide?

We have helium that we can provide other than normal air! Please note that for helium gas, there will be an additional charge depending on the balloons you have purchased.

Do we provide delivery services as well?

Our delivery services will be charged according to our locations to yours. We are also opened for self-collection at our building 120 Hillview Avenue, every weekday 9am – 5pm. For more information on our balloons visit us here!

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For more information, you can click here to visit our website or you can follow us at our Instagram @balloonpartysg to keep up with our latest update every time we post something!


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