Have you been ever concerned about helium gas and why it is important for the balloon industry?

During this year have ever you thought about why balloons can float.

Think for a moment about what makes balloons inflate which allows them to stay afloat for a couple of weeks.

The answer is helium. It helps the balloons form their shape and make them inflate when pumping with this gas.

Why am I talking about this topic? The increase in helium pricing is now a big problem for the balloon industry.

Why this is a major impact recently due to the increase in inflation pricing. The increase in inflation means the cost will be more expensive and it will be hard to afford items now.

Now is not easy for the Singapore balloon business as they have to order a lot of quantities of helium tanks. Imagine that if you were to pump a balloon you just need one tank. But in reality, they need to have 10 tanks to pump around 5000 balloons pump weekly and sell them as well.

There are many reasons why the balloon industry is affected by helium distribution It could be Covid-19 as nowadays there are a lot of recent cases of Covid-19 and business is slow nowadays.

Thus Balloon companies will eventually be in ruin as their profits will start to decrease. Not only that but the Supply Cain from Russia is our biggest supplier. But due to the war in Russia between Russia and Ukraine.

So now Singapore balloon companies need to find other alternative ways. Rather than importing it to the USA and also look for nonhelium balloons as another way of improving their sales rather than using helium gas.

For more information about helium gas tanks here is our company’s website related to the topic here.


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