Top Balloon Party Places in Singapore

Parties are something everyone must experience once or has been to in life. An awesome experience of having to eat everything you want with the array of food and being around your loved once especially those you have not seen in years.

Now, Where to find the correct space? There are too many criteria to live up to in this multicultural day and era, from the comfort of the location to the cuisine to the costs. But don’t worry, I took all those issues into account to narrow down my 5 personal favorites!

Here are 5 balloon party spots in Singapore for hipsters to stage your next event at & surprise the whole community.


The Noteway Art Studio

At the Noteway Design studio, artists like you are provided with free-flow hand-mixed fabric printing.  You can design and print your own t-shirts and tote bags. This will give all the guests a different party experience (plus a hand-painted souvenir can be taken home)!


Holey Moley Golf Club

Often parties with only chit-chatting might feel a little boring so why not step up a notch? It features a mini indoor golf club course and cocktail bar to keep the guests entertained right over this par-tee!

With 27 holes spread over two levels, this special venue has thematic courses like Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, and even Monopoly, the famous board game! An ideal place for a relaxed hangover fun game with a few friends, rates start at S$78 per Pax for a great time of games, drinks, and conversations.


P.S Cafe (Ann Siang Hill)

PS is for a classier and trendier item. Ann Siang Hill Cafe checks all the boxes to ensure sure the situation is beautiful and starry. Located in the heart of Chinatown and boasts an attic lounge and rooftop bar to drive the next group to new heights.

Real food cafe

If you are looking to eat healthy on your birthday, Real food Cafe is the place to go to. A vegetarian cafe that serves healthy dishes for its consumers and has wide selections of food, from snacks to milk to fresh vegetables.

Their dining area is beautiful, some may describe it as glamourous as the decor is simply and tastefully done up. Spacious and bright as the sun shines through the glass panel.

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