Need Balloons? We’re here.

We are Balloon Party, here to provide you with the best services that none can provide.

We have Customised Balloons, Balloon Bouquet, Customised Gifts and Occasions that you can celebrate.

Customised Balloons

  • There’s 24 inch Bubble Balloons
  • 36 inch Jumbo Balloons
  • There’s also a Magical Surprise Box

The price ranges between $44 – $150. The Balloons are $44 – $100, while the Magical Surprise Box from $100 onwards.

Balloon Bouquet

  • Set
  • Combo

Bouquet Set

The set has 6, 7 Balloons together. The price ranges from $6 – $20.

  • It has a Chrome & Confetti Balloons
  • Happy Birthday Balloon
  • Mixed Balloon Bouquet which has 6 balloons
  • Mixed Chrome & Confetti Balloon Bouquet
  • You can even choose your own No. of Balloons with a different decor.

Bouquet Combo

The price ranges from $30 – $100 onwards.

  • Happy Birthday Bouquet – With 24” Personalised balloon
  • Marble Bouquet – With 24” Personalised Bubble balloon
  • Chrome Cascading Bouquet – With Single Number Balloon
  • Confetti Balloon Bouquet – With Double Number Balloons
  • Confetti Balloon Bouquet – With Single Number Balloon

Customised Gifts

Getting a special gift for someone can be stressful, sometimes you have no clue what they particularly need or want. The trick is to find something unique and personalised so it is more meaningful and unforgettable. Customised gifts are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face and will work well for any types of occasions.

There are different colours and designs to choose from, so you have more option to pick and help you celebrate events like birthdays, housewarmings or even to thank your bridesmaids.

Designing a Personalised Gift

When you personalise a gift, it reflects the effort in putting a lot of thought into the surprise and the intention to make them feel special. Customizing a product displays your affections and share your sentiments to deliver a more meaningful gift.

Designed from the heart for someone dear and near, the end result of your customised gift will be as unique as the individual receiving it.


For more inquiries you do contact us, or you can also check out our website and you can also click here for more information on Balloon Party.

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