Balloon Party Decorations Ideas

You have lots of options when it comes to party decorations — streamers, banners, and string lights are all common choices. But there is a classic decoration form that never goes out of style — balloons! There is just something about cheerful, colorful balloons in all of us that brings out the boy. So no matter the reason, it’s still a smart idea to have balloons as part of your party decor.

3 Party Decorations

  1. Garland of Balloons
    • The most widely used method of decorating a birthday party with balloons at home. All that you need is to take a thread and loop from one end to another around the filled balloons. The color may be a single shade or a double one. And balloons with several colors can have a lasting effect.
    • Resources Required: balloons in different colors, a string for joining the inflated balloons
    • How to do it: The balloons inflate. You may arrange the shades of color appropriately. Using the thread to bind them in a loop and put them on the wall or elsewhere in the place you feel appropriate for.
  1. Balloon Arch
    • Inflated balloons are scattered together to create an arch shape. You will use this balloon arch to decorate the Party location entrance. A spotlight will build a great impact across the bridge. Color can be picked according to the style.
    • Resources Required: Medium to large Balloons and strings.
    • How to do it: Air pump used to burst balloons may be used to inflate the balloons. Lace them closely together until finished, and give them the form of a bridge. This form of decoration is better searched for when used to decorate the party venue entrance.
  1. Balloons tied to give back gifts
    • This is especially helpful if you’ve got a party of children among the invited. On the return gift packet or hamper, you can tie one ballon each and keep it in the corner. That will keep the kids excited and waiting in the hall during the gathering.
    • Resources Required: Return gifts, Balloons, thread
    • How to do it: Inflate the balloons and attach them to strings. Using the string connected to each balloon, bind each gift for return.

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