there are many different type of design to nails,

one that most preffered to be painted on their nails is balloons on festive season or celebration.

there are a variety of nail art to choose from,

there are choices like nails exrentions, gel manicure. express manicure and even things like press on nails, nail stickers.

having your nails painted it does not need to be done in the salon,

you can even DIY it yourself at home or even do it for your freinds.

at this generation many teens started their own small business.

homebased manicure are favoured by most teens too.

as they feel that the design or how the manicurist design their nails would be more in trend then those salon that are in malls.

there are many different type of nail art, first you will have to choose the base colour,

there after you can choose what kind of nail art you would want to have.

alternatively you can also show your manicurist pictures or even videos on how the ideal nail art you would want.

price range

for manicure the price ranges from $45-$125.

this would depend on the service you choose.

gel mani may cost up to $85 ( if you choose your own design)

express mani may cost up to $50 ( if you choose your own design)

nail extention will be a additional of $35 for a full set.

many will also top up an additional $15 for the manicurist to clean up their cuticles.

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