Are you running out of ideas about creating a fun event for the teenager while challenging them to be creative? How about organizing a balloon party that allows the teenager to dress up in an outfit made of balloons? If you are skeptical about this idea by now, do not be! There is lots of amazing benefits that you can take away from the exercise.

Firstly, it challenges the teenagers to think out of the box when they are trying the form the shapes of the balloons into the desired outfit. Secondly, balloons are affordable and there are a wide variety of design available in the market. Last but not least, it is always good for young people to discover new areas that they might be interested in. In order to ensure that the balloon party is a success one, here are some of the basic materials you may need.

Materials for Balloon party

The main material will be long balloons which are bendable and easy to twist. This will help the structure for the outfit can be formed. As for the decorative materials, it is totally up to your creative but just to name a few, you may want to consider using shimmering decorative ribbons to shape into accessories. Color paper will be useful to craft objects like ‘hat’ or handbag.

In terms of the event decoration, simple balloons or foil balloons will be sufficient! You can use some balloon sticks for people to walk around with the balloons, if you want to advertise your balloon party to attract more crowd!

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Balloon Party Singapore

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