Balloons in parties

Usually balloons are used in parties in events such as wedding, birthdays, roadshows and many more!

They are usually stored with helium so that the balloon keeps on floating the balloons it also fall under the party balloon category they are all the same but different uses..

Using Balloons in parties

Balloons is not only used for decorations it can also be used as a material for party games like water balloon wars, you fill the balloons with water and store it in a bucket so that before the game starts.

You can throw the balloons at your friends for exciting and hilarious reactions.

You could even inhale helium to change the pitch of your voice to see and hear the funny reactions of your friends.

Foiled Balloons

These kind of balloons are usually for kids to play with as it is filled with helium but it has pictures printed on it .

Example like, Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse, Cars and more. Foiled balloons are usually Interactable as well as you can wrap it around your wrists.

Foiled balloons are usually Interactable as well as you can wrap it around your wrists.

Decorations Balloons

These balloons are commonly used for events like wedding and birthday parties it can also be used for a event party like roadshows and such.

For instance, there are confetti stored inside the balloons so as the event reach its climax or end the balloons will pop and confetti will shower to the guests and couples.

Fun ways to use the Balloons

If you happen to have small and long party balloons and you don’t know what to do with it, you could twirl or twist it and make it to a shape of an animal for instance a dog or even a rabbit because with that type of balloon you can do almost anything with it, even a balloon sword can be made.

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