Finding for party balloon in Singapore to gift to your friends, family, close ones? Or finding for party balloons to live up your party? We heard you! An one stop center for all party balloon, balloonparty. Do follow us in our Instagram to get our daily updates.

Foil balloons in Singapore

Foil balloons are shiny and they a variety of options for colors, shapes, and sizes. These balloons are commonly filled with helium, so they’re sure to keep floating for the entire duration of your party. They come in different shapes such as circle, heart and even other irregular shapes. Additionally, they are also customisable so you can add text to the balloon. Foil balloons can often feature fun pictures and patterns, allowing you to find balloons to perfectly match the theme of your event.

Latex Balloons in Singapore

Latex balloons are probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of classic balloon parties in Singapore. They’re often tear-drop in shape and can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. These balloons are very aesthetic and they are also eco-friendly! Latex balloons can be filled with both helium or be treated as air filled balloons which is great for party balloons in Singapore.

Letter Balloons

While balloons are commonly round or tear-drop in shape, letter balloons are becoming more popular and in trend. Letter balloons are great for events such as birthday parties, graduation parties, and even anniversaries as they can form any words or phrases you would like. Letter balloons can look great floating freely or taped to a wall as a backdrop. Therefore, letter balloons is a fun and easy way to improve your party decorations.

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