Balloons seller once had a wide variety of balloon colours. This balloon salesman, who used to sell balloons all day in the neighbourhood, was a tremendous favourite with the kids. This man would sell his red, yellow, blue, and green balloons from one street to the next. He would occasionally release a helium-filled colourful balloon into the sky when business was slow. The kids would all want to buy one when they saw it go up. They would approach the balloon vendor, which would increase his sales. This balloons seller was a big popular with the kids, who would spend all day buying and releasing balloons merely to watch them float out into the sky, far away and out of sight.

Figure 1: Happy kid playing with different type of balloons

Climax of the “Balloons seller” story

One fine day, a kid began tugging on the balloon seller’s clothing while he continued to sell balloons. When he turned back, he was approached by a small child who inquired, “Can the black balloon also fly high in the air like other balloons?” “Kid, it isn’t the colour of the balloon that affects the height; it is the substance inside that matters,” the balloon vendor stated as he turned around.

Moral of the “Balloons seller” story

The same may be said for our life. What matters is what’s on the inside. The thing inside of us that makes us go up high in our life is our attitude. Without a good attitude, one would not soar up high in a society. The differences in the colour of the balloons of the story represent our skin tones, races, nationality, and religion. It does not matter of where you are from as long as you have a good attitude inside of you, you will be able to achieve much further in life.

Figure 2: Wide varieties colours of balloon soaring up into the sky


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