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Latex balloons are the gold standard for parties. Rubber, latex, polychloroprene, and nylon fabric are all options. These are pliable and engineered to absorb air and expand up to 5 times their original size. Helium latex balloons are not the same as regular latex.

Why Latex Balloons?

The material is the same whether you buy a single balloon or a box of balloons in bulk. These are made of rubber and come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. It can tolerate not only regular air, but also helium gas. Despite their interesting qualities, latex balloons may cause allergic reactions in certain people, so it’s better to avoid them.

Latex are the most affordable of the numerous kinds available, making them perfect for large-scale events. Because latex is such a flexible material, it may be filled with helium, air, or water. It is ecologically beneficial since it is biodegradable and ecologically friendly, taking 4 to 8 months to degrade. It’s also a very adaptable substance. You may stretch and bind them to create various forms, including balloon animals. Because of their small weight, they create a fun helium pairing.

More information and enquiries

Furthermore you can check us out on other platforms like Shoppe and Carousell or our website BalloonParty to get your balloons in Singapore by adding your favorites in your cart and checkout. However do keep in mind that there will be small delivery fee applied. Lastly do lookout for promo codes and enjoy the discounts on your party.

Latex Balloons are fun and colorful, however it does have its pros and cons. You can contact us directly for more information and checkout our Shopee and Carousell accounts and visit our website BalloonParty.


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