Latex balloons are composed of latex rubber, a naturally elastic substance that is also used to produce latex house paint and latex gloves. In the case of balloons, the rubber is molded into various forms, and regular air or other gases like helium may be pushed into them to expand them.

Latex balloons can be inflated to many times their original size, but over-inflation often leads to an explosive burst. Special metal molds and a vat of liquid latex rubber are used to make latex balloons. Along a conveyor belt system, the bulb-shaped molds are lined up in single file. The molds drop into the latex vat at the bottom of the conveyor belt and emerge with a thin covering of rubber. The latex dries and cures while the succession of molds travels through the air. A machine rolls one end of the balloon before releasing it from the mold with a controlled burst of air. This curled end makes it easier for consumers to inflate the balloon.

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