Balloon Bouquets, Classic or Traditional Table bouquets are usually made up of three to seven balloons. Floor bouquets usually include 5 to 12 balloons in them. For the greatest effect, even numbers of balloons must be cascaded (also known as staggered). Balloons can be stacked (also known as Balloon Trees) or cascaded in odd numbers. There are, however, some other things to think about. If the ceiling is really high, for example, you might wish to use 16 inch balloons instead of 11 inch. The designer can assist you in making a decision.

Collect an air pump, low-temperature hot glue, scissors, ribbon, and a selection of latex balloon colors to begin. Latex balloon bundles are another product we sell. Second, with your thumb and index finger, delicately slide the balloon’s neck over the nozzle. Simply press down on the black flexible portion to make it work. Take a 2.5 m ribbon and cut it in half. On one end, tie a loose knot. At the balloon’s end, leave a half-meter space. Tie a knot in front of the knot and slip it over the balloon’s neck. Secure the ribbon by tying a second knot. Third, tie the other end of the curling ribbon to the balloon bundle base, leaving 1.5 m of ribbon between the base and the end of the curling ribbon.

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