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If you are buying latex balloon singapore in bulk with us, BalloonPartySG, it will save you up to 40 % off of the total retail price. This also means that all type of balloon like Mylar balloon, Foil balloon and Mylar Balloon will become affordable to you. You then can use this balloon to celebrate or decorate your party. Don’t wait anymore, visit our website to browse for more balloons!

Latex balloon Singapore

Latex balloon Singapore are made with liquid latex rubber and specific molds. To begin, the molds are dipped into the silicone vat at the conveyor belt’s foot. You should apply a thin coating of rubber to your skin. Finally, as the array of molds moves through the air, the rubber dries and heals. The balloon is rolled by a computer before it is released from the mold with a powerful burst of air. Users will find it simpler to inflate the bubble with this rolled end. Clowns who work at birthday parties stretch long, thin latex into animal forms, flowers, and even party hats. Round helium-filled balloons may be used to create beautiful bouquets or party gifts.

Why Latex balloon but not others?

Latex balloon Singapore inflated with normal air have a two to three week lifetime. For starters, when inflated with helium gas, latex balloons have a life span of just 8-12 hours, which is substantially less than that of other balloons. Latex is a porous material. As a result, as soon as the balloon is inflated, helium begins to seep out. As so, to guarantee that they appear their best during the event, we recommend filling them with helium as soon as feasible before the event. It is best to store the balloons at room temperature since they will last for many years and will not decrease in quality.


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