Different Types of Balloon Party

When you’re looking for balloons for a party or festival, understanding all the various kinds of balloons are being sold on the market now would be useful, because you can find just what you need for your party or marketing purposes. Balloons are one of the best marketing solutions you can find. They are attention grabbing, beloved by children and adults alike, and have a very wide region of imprint where the image or picture can be seen even at considerable distances.

For further explain the different styles of balloons, and how they vary from each other, it is easiest for inform you the features of each type of balloon. Latex balloons, mylar balloons and cloudbuster balloons are the three main varieties of Party balloons.

1) Latex Balloon

Latex balloons are very versatile, in the way that without helium they can be used. It is incredibly common to use balloon kits so you don’t need to purchase or hire helium tanks and will save you money. Using an air pump, a foot pump, or hand air pump, you can fill latex balloons filled with fresh air.

2) Mylar (or Foil) Balloons

Mylar balloons are more costly than latex balloons, but they do have certain really valid explanations. These are certainly better performing balloons with a polished look and sound, which have significantly wider fields of sensation and much longer floating periods. Nothing attracts more exposure than a perfect, light, shiny, mylar balloon floating.

3) Cloudburster Balloon

Cloudbuster balloons, also sometimes called chloroprene balloons. They are made of super high quality latex which repels harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and is up to 10 times stronger than normal latex balloons. The float periods will often exceed 3 weeks, depending on the size of the cloudbuster balloons you order!

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