Introductions to balloons

They can be used as a gift or a decoration for your event. If you are looking for places to buy cheap balloons, why not check out ours? We are a balloon supplier that supplies various types of balloons that cater to your desired theme/style of the event.

Types of balloons

There are 3 main types are:


These are commonly used in events such as birthday celebrations, Weddings, Christmas, Graduation, and many more! They can be also used as a bouquet! Perfect for someone special!


It is a foil that made it last much longer than normal latex. They are imprinted with a design and are popular especially among kids.


They are made for events that last for more than a week and has the highest durability compared to other types of balloons


We provide customizations of bouquets for our clients. We also provide bundles for you if you can’t decide what to get!

Other services

Not only that, We are a balloon wholesaler as we provide a range of balloons for you to choose from! If you need a helium gas arrangement, don’t worry we can do that for you too!


We do not offer any free delivery services therefore, our delivery charges will be charged from our locations to yours.

Contact us

If you want to know more, you can click here to visit our website or you can follow us on our Instagram @balloonpartysg to keep up with our updates every time we post!


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