Balloons with variety of colours with different shapes and sizes showing what a balloon supplier should have.

Balloons in Singapore are not as uncommon as you may think it is. People buy balloons for themselves or friends or even for their own kids, some may even throw balloon parties To ensure the best quality of balloons, the question of what to look for in a balloon supplier is often asked.


Customer service plays a big part when looking for a supplier. Questions usually arise when looking for a balloon supplier. For instance, how long the balloons will last, the price, the different types of balloons or even customization options. If your supplier listens to your requests and answers your questions honestly, chances are you have found a good supplier. They should be able to communicate well with you and explain their services in detail. Good suppliers often give suggestions and provide samples as well.


It goes without saying that any supplier should be knowledgeable on the services they provide. Gaining customer’s trust is definitely essential. A balloon supplier that is passionate about the service as well as experienced can definitely instill customer’s trust. They should be able to tell you what materials they are made of and how to properly care for the product. A supplier that is able to satisfy your requests and has the capabilities to supply is a huge plus.


Before meeting the balloon supplier, you should always check out their reviews, whether it is online reviews or word of mouth. The supplier’s popularity matters as well, for example if they have a huge following on social media like Instagram or Facebook, it is usually a sign that they provide good products and services. A good way to find suppliers are to ask friends and family who have had balloons at parties for their recommendations.


Lastly, a balloon supplier may have the best service but may not have the product you’re looking for. Thus, it is important to check if the supplier you heard good things about actually has the product you want. For instance, it’s good practice to always check for the right colour and size of the balloons. Good balloon suppliers offer a variety of services like balloon bouquets, themed balloon parties and even various party items.

If you manage to find a balloon supplier that is able to cater all of these to you, chances are, you have found the right supplier for your next event.


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