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What is Balloon Seller?

A person who is selling different colors of balloons who used to make rounds in the neighborhoods and sell balloons all day.

Occasionally, whenever his business was slow, he would release a helium-filled colorful balloon into the air.

When the children saw it go up, they would all want to buy one. They would come up to balloon seller and his sales would up.

About Us

Party Balloon Singapore is a Balloon Seller company that provides balloons in terms of the best quality, best offers, and secure payments for balloon party services. Group Balloon Singapore is now getting a 25 percent off sale on both balloons! What are you waiting for? Come on now!!

What are we providing?

Balloon Supplier Singapore has a large range of latex balloons and Mylar balloons. As for Latex balloons, we have them in printed versions, strong or pearl colors, and they also come in various sizes. We have a solid color, holographic printed with designs and we also have them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only that, we do have a parachute for Sing-a-tune and Air-walkers, too.

Types of Balloons that We sell

  • Love Balloons
    These are usually used for proposals for weddings or events like inviting someone to prom, anniversary, and more.
  • Confetti BalloonsIt requires most ideally use on events like roadshows and major big events.
  • Air Filled BalloonsThese are available as they are only filled with plain air, which means they could not fly or float in the air.Although it can be used for different designs and figures, they are also available in different colors, shapes, and sizes that are commonly used except for their application as a decoration item.
  • Helium filled balloonsIt is a very popular choice among several types of balloons in the market, both as a decorating material as well as a play item for kids. As the balloons are being filled with helium gas, this means that it is lighter than the air around us. Therefore, they float in the surrounding air and stay upright on a single string.
  • Metallic BalloonsThis is another type of balloons that is reflective and glossy and is capable of adding a stylish and chic appearance to any event.To create a better decoration effect, transparent balloons are commonly mixed with this type.

Fun Fact

Bored and ran out of ideas to do at a party? Why not Fill up your balloons with water and throw it at your friends to make them soaked with water!

More Information

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