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About us

Party Balloon Singapore is a balloon supplier that offers the best quality, best offers and secure payments.

Ongoing Promotions

Right now Party Balloon Singapore is running a promotion which is 25% off for all balloons for every purchase what are you waiting for? Get them now!

Types of Balloons

We offer a variety of balloons for events!

  • Letters and Numbers balloons

Letters and Numbers balloons are used in Balloon party that signify a persons age or just an company event anniversary.

  • Confetti Balloons

These kind of balloons are seen in big events such as roadshows, gameshows, company events and more when the event reaches its climax or its ending the worker will pop the Confetti balloons and the confetti will shower to all of the guests.

  • Graduation Balloons

It is used for students who graduated from schools to move on in further studies to college or just to find jobs.

  • Happy Birthday Balloons

Similar to letters and numbers balloon it is use for birthdays but without numbers which is ideally for kids to celebrate their birthdays.

  • Normal balloons

There isn’t much to say is there? you are able to see these kind of balloons almost everywhere, kids playing with it, events and maybe some weird stuffs.

Fun Tips

If you happen to have nothing to do in any certain way and you have a balloon, you can fill it up with helium and inhale it to have a high pitch voice. Try it! Hear your friends laughters and reactions.

Tip #2

You can fill the balloons with water and put it in a bucket to store your “Ammo”, for a water balloon party war!


Feel free to contact us and we will provide our services to you!

Our Website: https://balloonparty.sg/

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