Chinese New Year is here, need balloon decorations during this time of year. But you can’t find one as you need it for an event during Chinese New Year?

What is Chinese New Year to you? Chinese New year is a festival that the Chinese people celebrate, which indicates the start of a new year. We only do this during the spring season after the winter season has passed. Every year on this traditional holiday, we celebrate it based on the 12 zodiacs for different years.

Not only that during these 3 days during this public holiday we would also go outside to visit our relative’s home. Just by spending time with uncles, aunties, cousins, or including our grandparents by conversing with one another. The special part of it is that we get to receive ang pao meaning red packets in Chinese. Where received money either from our relatives or it can be from our neighbors or friends.

We also have to clean our houses and put decorations as we want to invite people to our house.

We also go to restaurants as well to celebrate with our family members to enjoy the food during this special occasion.

If you want to find balloon decorations for Chinese New Year and can’t find one that’s appealing or attractive that can suit your event theme?

I suggest that you go to the Artsy balloons website. This company specializes in balloon sculpting, which shapes balloons into animals or anything including holiday balloons.

They provide Chinese New Year decorations as part of their service if you need one for your event. They also offer manpower if you need to fill up the entire balloon at the venue.

The 8 types of Chinese New Year decorations they offer are Chai Shen Ye and Chinese New Year Lion Head. Others include the Chinese New Year Dragon Arch, Chinese New Year Balloon Back Drop Photo Taking, and Chinese Balloon Character for Chinese New Year. They have Balloon Zodiac Characters Large Balloon Pineapple For Chinese New Year balloon decoration and balloon Zodiac Mascots.

Out of the 8 types of Chinese New year decoration balloons, I recommend that you choose the Chai Shen Ye balloon, even though is expensive. It is one of their popular balloon decorations and most often their clients pick it. This can be used for homes, offices, and event venues as well.

I think that you should get one for your event for the Chinese New Year.

If you want to get a Chinese balloon, you can go to our website to buy one for yourself.


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