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Yes, you can. You just cannot have a party without balloons! BalloonParty’s guaranteed low prices, make Spotlight your number one shopping destination for all your party decoration needs. Inflating balloons yourself, you will need these balloon accessories to make the job easy. If you were not careful, helium balloons will just float away. Ensure that your balloons do not fly away anywhere and you can keep them anywhere. Make sure you have plenty of curling ribbon to tie down the balloons and hold by balloon weights. For helium balloons, we have balloon weights for individual balloon and balloon ribbon in various colors, colorful balloon stickers for customized foil balloons, as well as Hi-Float solution to prolong floating time of helium latex balloons. For air filled balloons, we have several types of balloon pump and balloon stick & cup holder for your convenience.


If you are purchasing balloons from BalloonParty then this range are all the accessories that you may possibly need.

Weights: Tie a helium balloon to one of the fabulous balloon weights on offer here. With weights in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, we are certain that your balloon weight will finish off your thoughtful gift perfectly.

Balloon Stick and Rib Clips: Sticks are traditional ways of giving balloons. If you are filling balloons with helium, then the Pre-cut Rib clip Pack comes with 30 pre-cut strings with plastic clips to easily attach the balloon to the other end.

Balloon Kits and Helium Cylinders: If you are planning on filling lots of balloons with helium to decorate your party or event, then balloon kits and helium cylinders are the way to go. Providing a convenient alternative to pre-inflated balloons, these fabulous kits mean that you can blow up your balloons at the event itself.

Hand Pumps: If you are looking at tons of balloons for your party, then do not waste time blowing them up yourself. Getting a hand pump will make the job easy and will have you ready to party in no time.


If you are looking to make your balloon rise, then helium-filled balloons may just be the way to go. To fill your balloons with helium, we have in-store balloon inflation services, easy to use home inflation kits and even balloon gas tank hire, ideal if you are decorating a room full of big beautiful balloons. We cover everything from the inflation of single balloons to as many as you like for large party venues. We provide all balloon accessories.

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