leftover balloons

What can you do with leftover balloons?

Make a confetti popper

Simply cut the neck off of a balloon, and place the remaining balloons bulb over the end of a cardboard toilet paper roll. Decorate the roll with washi tape, then fill with confetti. When you’re ready to celebrate, pull back the balloon and watch your confetti fly.

Make a stress ball

Feeling stressed? Fill a balloon with toothpaste and once full, tie the end in a knot. Cut off the excess balloon end and squeeze out your frustration.

Make flowers stand up straight in a vase using balloon

If you want your flowers to stand up straight to create a fuller-looking bouquet, an old balloon can help. First, trim off the very top of the balloon blub. Then, stretch the cut-end over the top of a vase, leaving the neck in the center. Cut off the neck so there is a hole in the center. Place the flowers inside the hole for a more snug fit.

Balloon rockets

Children love to make things which move on their own steam and this is exactly what this rocket does. Put a straw on a piece of string and secure the string from one end of a room to another, tying it to something like a chair.

Draw a rocket on a leftover balloon and then after blowing the balloon up, tape it to the straw. When you let the balloon’s end go, the rocket should hurtle forwards across the string. For a party game, try this with a few balloons, straws and strings and see whose rocket can go the furthest.

A Balloon Artwork

On those days when your little one feels in an extra exploratory, messy mood, why not blow up a leftover balloon or two and put some large sheets of paper outside on the lawn. Then dip the balloon in paint and let the child use the balloon as a paintbrush.

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